Current Series

Abraham, A man of faith


  1. Text: Genesis 12:1-9, Title: “What happens when faith meets the unknown?” 10/20/19


  1. Text Genesis 12:10-20, Title: “What happens when faith meets difficult circumstances?” 10/27/19


  1. Text: Genesis 14:12-16, Title: “What happens when faith meets violence?”11/03/19


  1. Text: Genesis 14:17-24, Title: “What happens when faith meets personal gain?” 11/10/19. Genesis 18:12-17


  1. Text: Genesis 17:15-22, Title: “What happens when faith meets delayed fulfillment?” 11/17/19


  1. Text: Genesis 21:1-8, Title: “What happens when faith meets Thanksgiving?” 11/24/19


Missions Month 2018

It's Missions Month! Go all into the world and preach the gospel to all creation!

What on Earth is going on?

“Usually coming to your wit’s end is the results of multiple attacks or combined circumstances striking simultaneously. We begin to lose confidence in the promises of God. The loss of one’s faith is a serious spiritual issue and Satan loves it when we begin to doubt God’s goodness."

Easter 2018

Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday Sermons. He is risen; He is risen, indeed!

Ridiculous Things God Asks from Us

Have you ever considered the fact that God occasionally asks us to do the seemingly impossible?  In this series, Pastor Lee is going to look at several stories from the Bible that discuss ridiculous things God asked of His people and what we should do about it.


A look at the promises that were spoken to the churches of Revelation.

The Life and Ministry Of Jesus

There are so many things from Jesus. In this series, we will start as baptism and look throughout his ministry and see what parables he taught, miracles he performed, and what lessons we can learn from him and his life.