Current Series

Abraham, A man of faith


  1. Text: Genesis 12:1-9, Title: “What happens when faith meets the unknown?” 10/20/19


  1. Text Genesis 12:10-20, Title: “What happens when faith meets difficult circumstances?” 10/27/19


  1. Text: Genesis 14:12-16, Title: “What happens when faith meets violence?”11/03/19


  1. Text: Genesis 14:17-24, Title: “What happens when faith meets personal gain?” 11/10/19. Genesis 18:12-17


  1. Text: Genesis 17:15-22, Title: “What happens when faith meets delayed fulfillment?” 11/17/19


  1. Text: Genesis 21:1-8, Title: “What happens when faith meets Thanksgiving?” 11/24/19


The Oracles of Isaiah

An advent series of messages on the prophecies of Isaiah concerning the coming Messiah.


Jesus leaves a very strong first impression with the first part of His first sermon. This series looks at the beatitudes.

What the cross meant to...

The cross has meant many things to many people. In this series, Pastor Schmidt looks at the various individuals and groups impacted by the cross of Christ.

Seven Indisputable Laws of Life

A study of seven laws of human life that are above dispute and that cannot be ignored. This series will answer questions like - Is there a God? Do I need God? Will God take care of me? Why is faith so important to God? How can I find God? Why do I struggle? Can I trust God?

The Church We Should Be

This series of sermons looks at the seven churches of revelation and asks the question, what kind of church should we be?

The Fruit of the Spirit

For years people have discussed the gifts of the Spirit, but what about the Fruit? What role does the fruit of the Spirit play in the Christian life? This series seeks to answer those questions and more with look at each aspect of the fruit.