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There are many words that fill the Christian vernacular.  Propitiation, atonement, salvation, redemption - just to name a few.  These words seldom make it to our every day language, and yet they are important words in the life of every follower of Christ.   One of those words is...

The Life of Christ
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When you read through the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) you get four unique perspectives on Jesus Christ.  Matthew proclaims the Royal nature of Jesus as the coming Messiah.  Mark seems to show Jesus as a man of action. Luke highlights the humanity of Jesus as He interacts...

Lighting the Candle of Joy
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Candle 4: The Candle of Joy While there are many words that pepper our Christmas vernacular, among the most common is “joy.” There is something joyful about the birth of any child. There is the joy of being with family. There is the joy of giving and receiving gifts and cards. Joy...

Lighting the Candle of Peace
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Candle 3: The Candle of Peace Good news often elicits a response: cheering for a touchdown, shouts of joy at the birth of a child, an exuberance over an excellent grade – all of these things are often followed by a proclamation of some sort. In the coming of Jesus, we see the good news...

Lighting the Candle of Love
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Theme: Always Prepare – 12/4/16 Candle 2: The Candle of Love There is a lot of preparation that goes in to celebrating Christmas. It takes a lot to get ready for this celebration - adjusting the schedule to spend time with loved ones, preparing food for various gatherings, purchasing...

Lighting the Prophet's Candle of Hope
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In the Old Testaments, the Prophets were given glimpses of information designed to clue people in to the coming Messiah. In Genesis we learn that there is one coming who will crush the enemy (Gen. 3:15). In Isaiah, we learn that “a virgin will conceive and bear a son, and shall call his...