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The Life of Christ

Posted by Joel Gilbert on

When you read through the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) you get four unique perspectives on Jesus Christ.  Matthew proclaims the Royal nature of Jesus as the coming Messiah.  Mark seems to show Jesus as a man of action. Luke highlights the humanity of Jesus as He interacts with various people throughout His ministry.

The Gospel of John is not only set up differently than the other Gospels, it reveals the divinity of Jesus.  Of all of the miracles that Jesus performed, John highlights seven distinct signs.

  • Sign 1:Wedding at Cana  - John 2:1-11
  • Sign 2: Healing the Royal Official's Son – John 4:46-54
  • Sign 3: Healing the invalid at Bethesda – John 5:1-18
  • Sign 4: Feeding the 5000 – John 6:1-14
  • Sign 5: Walking on the Sea – John 6:16-21
  • Sign 6: Sight Restored – John 9:1-41
  • Sign 7: Raising Lazarus – John 11:1-44

During January and February, we'll be looking at theses signs on Sunday mornings as we consider "The Life of Christ."


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