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    If you would all would turn your bibles with me to the Book of Acts, chapter 2, we will begin there, looking at verses 1 through 12. But before we begin this morning, I want to remind you what the Bible tells us about hearing the word of God, it says, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”
    Today’s sermon is interactive, points and verses will be on the screen behind me to help you, so, if you like, you can write down what the Holy Spirit may be saying to you during the sermon today.
    Let’s begin by reading through our main text; I’ll be reading from (The N.E.T. bible):
    ACTS 2:1-12

    Our sermon today is titled: PENTECOST, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO US?
    There are times in our lives; we come to a place that we don’t quite understand. We are confused, overwhelmed, and more than likely, anxiety begins to rear its ugly head. Life is difficult as it is, and gives us no aims of making it any easier. We don’t know if we are going or coming… But God does! You see, God allows such things in our life, to strengthen us, for us to ultimately depend entirely on Him. God wants us to manage our lives well, and with joy. God sent us a gift, a Helper to aid us in living a productive Godly life, where we cannot, in our fleshly bodies. Pentecost was the beginning of us, His Church, receiving this precious gift.
    The question is, Do you celebrate His arrival?
    THE GREATEST EVENT in human history is undisputed. It is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ! It is the keystone of the arch of Salvation. Remove it, and the whole structure of the plan of Salvation crumbles in the dust. The good news of the gospel is that Christ died for our sins and that He rose again.
    Christ’s resurrection is proof that His death atoned for sin. The wages of one single sin is death. One sin brought the curse of death upon all humanity,
    said to us in Romans 5:12,
    If Jesus had paid for all the sins of humanity except one, He could not have risen, for one sin would have been enough to keep Him in the tomb. He had to die for them all.
    When Jesus arose, it was proof that He had utterly met redemption’s price. When He cried, “It is finished!” THE WORK WAS DONE! God was satisfied and then provided the completeness of the work by raising Christ from the dead. AMEN! HALLEHLUEHIA!
    For this is the Good News of Jesus Christ that needs to be shared with the world, And Pentecost is the event that would equip God’s redeemed to participate in such a humanly impossible but yet, vital mission.
    Fifty days ago, this Sunday, we celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus Christ; Easter. This Sunday, we celebrate Pentecost. Now, Pentecost is God’s equipping His Church with the power of His Spirit; so that He will be glorified among the nations.
    Today, we are going to look at 3 points of this remarkable event in history, called Pentecost and its significance. The question for us is, what is Pentecost? This leads us to our first point.

    Point #1
    Pentecost is the jubilee when Christians celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit

    Now, we come to the SECOND GREATEST EVENT in the history of the Church, namely, Pentecost—the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Church. Shortly after rising from the dead, Jesus went up to heaven to rejoin His Father. Then the Holy Spirit came down upon all those sitting in the upper-room, just as the Messiah said.
    Now the reason that Pentecost is so important to the Church is that without His presence and power, the Church would have died out long ago. It is He that gives us the anointing to accomplish that which is impossible in the flesh.
    This week as we celebrate “Pentecost,” – we see that this celebration goes back as far as the Old Testament. Pentecost was one of the Jewish feast days. Only they didn’t call it Pentecost. That’s the Greek name. The Jews called it the Feast of Harvest or the Feast of Weeks.—For us today, Pentecost is the Christian event celebrating the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and other disciples. AMEN! We are celebrating the Birthday of the Church.
    Happy Birthday my Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ Jesus.
    Turn with me to Acts 2:1-3
    We are unified by the Holy Spirit, and Pentecost marks the beginning of the Christian Church’s mission to the world.
    Note, the second part of verse 1b; they were all together in one place. Here is an essential principle that we should be aware of as we walk with Jesus Christ. Jesus instructed the apostles to go and wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit, described in Acts 1:4, Who knew this was the day of Pentecost, the apostles were living out their obedience to Jesus, following His instructions. Stay where you are and wait; Christ had informed them. How many times in your life have you been instructed to stay and wait?
    Illus.: “bad kid” I can remember back in grade school when the teacher had me sit in a chair facing the wall. It didn’t keep me there, because I was a disobedient child. Yeah! I was a bad kid, and a little more, I sinned, but so have you. I know it’s not easy, and I know that we sometimes feel we have a better understanding of our situation than God. However, Proverbs 3:5 Trust the Lord in every situation. The apostles did not move when that violent wind came or fled when the fire appeared out of know-where and landed on them. Pentecost is a celebration for also, trusting in the Lord. This leads us to our 2nd point

    Point #2
    Pentecost is an important event in the history of the early Church that enabled the spread of Christianity.

    When we celebrate anything, we are reminding ourselves of something important to us. With Pentecost, we are reminded that our purpose as the Lord’s Church, is not to focus on ourselves and our own happiness. Our goal is to spread the knowledge of Jesus Christ to all the nations, beginning here in our own “Jerusalem.” If we lose our outward focus, with the overall purpose of God’s glory, we have lost our reason for existence. To call believers to the realization that it is God’s Will that we all experience own personal Pentecost.
    Illus.: “Half Frozen Birds”
    Last week, I came across this story about a young lady, who was speaking to an Evangelist about dedication. She said, “I dare not give myself wholly to the Lord because He might send me out to China as a missionary or something.”
    The evangelist said, ‘If some cold, snowy morning a little bird should come, half-frozen, pecking at your window, seeking shelter, and would let you take it and feed it, thereby putting itself entirely in your power, what would you do? Would you grip it in your hand and crush it? Or would you give it shelter, warmth, food, and care?” A new light came into the girl’s eyes. She said, Oh, I see now. I can trust God.” Two years later, she met the same evangelist and reminded him of their conversation. She told him she had completely given herself to God. And then her face lit up with a bright smile. “And guess where He’s sending me?” she asked—“to China!”
    The purpose of Pentecost is missions, turn with me to:
    Habakkuk 2:14

    In simpler terms, Pentecost is the event that signified God’s permanently, filling believers with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, so that we can accomplish His works.
    So, let’s go back to the book of ACTS Acts 2:4-6
    Who were those filled? The Apostles of Jesus Christ. Until this point in time, the Spirit had only come upon a few believers, who were chosen for a special office or empowered to carry out a specific task for the glory of God. But on that, the first day of Pentecost. The Apostles, believers in Christ, were not only permanently indwelled by the Spirit - but they were also filled with the Spirit.
    In vers. 5-6 it says God-fearing Jews from every nation, heard this sound, and came together. Now, if it were me, unfortunately, I would have run… But God knew exactly what He was doing.
    Turn your bibles to Ephesians 2:11-13 It was the Apostle Paul who would later disclose a mystery that had been hidden from past ages and generations - that there was to be One New Man in Christ, made up of Jew and Gentile, Who would all become equal members of Christ’s Body. All would be ministers of a better covenant, and all would be positioned in Christ and accepted in the Beloved.
    Pentecost did not only unit us in Spirit but united us in culture. Both Jews and Gentiles are offered the Good News of Jesus Christ and receiving His power.
    This takes us to our third and final point:

    Point #3 - Pentecost showed the role the Holy Spirit plays in the Christian life.

    Through this grand event of Pentecost, we see the role that the Holy Spirit plays
    in the life of a Christian. He pours out gifts on us like wisdom, understanding,
    Counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.
    Turn with me to:
    Acts 2:7-12,
    The Apostles were entirely under the control of the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit spoke through them in languages they had not learned before. Not that they spoke one language, and different languages were heard, but the apostles spoke different languages separately, each in the hearer’s own language.
    Turn with me too 1 Peter 3:15, The effect of Pentecost in the Christian life is in the power of the gift the Holy Spirit gives that God has poured into each of His children. Having this power Enables us to reflect the Son, Christ Himself. Therefore, we will illuminate Christ’s character and power, and others will see.
    Turn with me to 1 Corinthians 3:16 The effect of Pentecost in Christian life is having this Holy Spirit power create in us, a godly temple.
    The Apostle Paul compares them to the temple of God. The word for “you” here is plural, not singular. Paul is asking his readers in the Church of Corinth if they understand that they together are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in them. They, we, become the temple of God, even without a physical structure to meet in. You see, the New Testament Church is not a cold, stone building, but a group of warm and loving people called out of by God. Christians are now separate, holy people in Christ Jesus. Now, at times we all might not be as warm and loving, but that’s another sermon for another time.
    -Another effect of Pentecost in the Christian’s life is How HE clarifies and continually reminds us of Christ’s teachings.
    Turn with me too 1 John 2:27
    This anointing is a reference to the Holy Spirit living within those who have believed in Jesus as Lord. John also refers to the ability of the Holy Spirit to help believers understand what is right and wrong. You see, The Holy Spirit searches all things, as in search engine. Let’s take Google, The total number of servers Google employs is a well-kept secret, but one recent estimate puts the total at 2,376,640. Google crawls 20 billion websites every day and performs over 100 billion searches per month. Those of us who grew up with the card catalogue system harbor a little resentment toward those who never had to search by subject, author, or title. We also marvel at the internet’s capacity to put knowledge at our fingertips. It’s one click away!
    Yet as remarkable as that is, it doesn’t hold a candle to the Holy Spirit’s search engine. After all, there is nothing he doesn’t know. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. The number of hairs on your head. Every subconscious memory and subliminal desire. The value of pi to the ten-millionth decimal and beyond. You name it, God knows it … And he is searching for all things, all the time.
    Let’s look at Acts 2:12

    My friends, As we just read, God knows all things, and as Jesus-followers will experience those who would dismiss Jesus, after telling them about Him. Jesus says that unbelievers do not reject us; they reject Him (Luke 10:16). Jesus knows who He has chosen (John 13:18), and those who are His will respond to Him (John 10:4). The Bible does not tell us to make converts or to accomplish some quota of followers. It tells us to make and train disciples (Matthew 28:19–20), be His witnesses and preach the word. It is the Holy Spirit that convicts unbelievers of sin and gives spiritual growth. Our job is simply to spread the Good news.
    So, Pentecost is a time to celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and reflect and pray on our obedience to His leading. Remember, to lean more heavily on His presence, than your own.

    The message of Salvation:
    My friends, we all can’t participate in the celebration of Pentecost this week, we all don’t have the filling of the Holy Spirit. However, God is calling you to be a part of this celebration. I want to tell that, those of you who do not have a relationship with Christ, the Holy Spirit is working in you right now for the purpose of In-filling you with Himself forever. God wants you to join in a relationship with you at this present moment. So, if you want to begin a brand new life with Christ, Let Christ reign in your heart right now by asking Him to come into your heart.
    If you are willing, pray with me and speak directly to God – Let us Pray!
    If you are a Christian, by definition and you’re Faith, Your Pentecost celebration has already begun. So join in the celebration by Praising and worshiping Him today and every day after that. AMEN!
    God bless you all my friends and Please, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, wear a mask, and make wise choices.

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